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Ventusolar sources, evaluates and provides a wide spectrum of due diligence services for renewable energy projects, with a focus on solar PV, on-shore and near-shore wind projects in Canada, Europe and the United States. We source and manage projects as exclusive agent for investment fund partners, banks and other institutional investors.

Ventusolar can draw on the necessary technical expertise, market experience and connections to local utilities, manufacturers, project developers and regulatory authorities in Canada, Europe and the USA in order to identify appropriate projects in a timely manner. Canada is our sweet spot. Despite the changing political environment at the federal and provincial levels, renewable energy technologies in Canada are experiencing strong growth and there are significant investment opportunities in solar PV, wind, biogas, biomass and other renewables across the whole country. Already the world’s largest producer of hydro-electricity, Canada has witnessed strong growth in wind and solar energy capacity.

In Canada the federal system of government means that responsibility for energy policy is split between the federal and provincial and territorial governments. Provincial and territorial governments have jurisdiction over the generation and production of electricity and some have introduced European-style feed-in tariff programs to stimulate the uptake of renewable technologies.

In Ontario for example the provincial government was the first industrial jurisdiction to eliminate coal-powered electricity generation. Other Provincial Energy Ministries are also starting to support investment in renewable as part of their energy policy, e.g. Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, British Columbia and even oil-rich Alberta.

Ventusolar Inc.

1100 Burloak Drive, Suite 300
ON L7L 6B2 Canada
Phone +1 (905) 336-8930
Fax +1 (905) 332-3007
Email: info@ventusolar.ca

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