Established in 2012, Ventusolar is a Canadian renewable energy project rights sourcing expert specializing in sourcing and evaluating renewable energy projects and project rights for professional mostly European institutional investors.

With our international network of selected institutional investors, high-worth individuals and institutional funds we are focusing on the structured sourcing of potential targets and the realization of investment opportunities.

Reliability and trust are important to us. We value our long-term relationships with our partners and we can draw on a track record of successful collaboration.

Our mission is to turn solar PV and wind turbine projects into value for institutional investors and we are open to co-initiating funds with suitable partners. We are active across all Canadian Provinces with a focus on those jurisdictions which have introduced so-called feed-in tariff.

Ventusolar Inc.

1100 Burloak Drive, Suite 300
ON L7L 6B2 Canada
Phone +1 (905) 336-8930
Fax +1 (905) 332-3007

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